Golf Academy of America

Preparing you for a future in golf is what the Golf Academy of America (GAA) is all about. Founded as San Diego Golf Academy in 1974, GAA is the oldest and largest two-year golf management and instructional college in the United States. Today, there are campuses in five of the country’s top golf capitals: San Diego, California, Orlando, Florida, Phoenix, Arizona, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

There are many reasons to choose Golf Academy of America. Here are a few:

Small classes and plenty of one-on-one golf instruction.

  • No lengthy applications or detailed essays required for admission.
  • A typical day is filled with classes, open play, personalized lessons, golf events, and more.
  • Golf-friendly locations and playing privileges at top area courses.
  • An associate’s degree education that’s accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.
  • Financial aid, if you qualify.
  • A Career Services department dedicated to helping you find the golf job of your dreams.
  • Access to experienced PGA staff/teachers.
  • State-of-the-art teaching equipment and facilities.
  • Opportunities to volunteer at PGA/LPGA events.


You don’t have to be a great player to have a great career in the golf business. Maybe you are a great player, but you don’t want the pressure of competing at the top levels. People with the proper golf education can enjoy the golf lifestyle and great golf industry jobs.

Choose from 100+ Careers in Golf and 2 Million Golf Jobs

The golf business is estimated as a $76 billion-a-year industry providing more than 2 million golf industry jobs. Worldwide potential continues to expand for those who have golf course management degrees and the golf education necessary to pursue golf careers.

Find the Right Golf Job for Your Skills and Strengths

Attending golf school will lower your handicap, raise your confidence and focus your talent on the right golf industry career. You’ll have the opportunity to get golf jobs with equipment manufacturers, teaching centers, country clubs, hotels, resorts, and more—or start your own successful golf-related business. Golf Academy of America prepares you for more than 100 careers in golf. Complete the form on this page to learn more.

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Keiser University College of Golf

Hand-in-hand with the PGA, this Golf College offers one of the quickest way into the PGA and becoming a PGA member, of all the Golf Colleges.  If the PGA is your desire; strategically located close to the Port St. Lucie PGA Educational Center and its award winning practices facility the Keiser University’s Campus and Associate of Science degree in Golf Management prepares students for a variety of positions in the golf industry.

Within the Keiser University Golf College (KUGC) program, students are prepared to manage golf course operations, to provide golf instruction, to ensure appropriate maintenance of golf facilities and equipment (and there is a lot), as well as integrate the game of golf into the expansive hospitality and recreation industry. Through simple educational formats and state-of-art-the practice and training facilities and equipment, students are given opportunities to succeed in their academic, professional, and personal lives. What enhances this institution is that the Keiser University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award certificates and degrees at the associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral levels . And with their affiliation with the Non-Accredited PGA / PGM Program you may be able to find funding for your PGA program as well.

When it comes to golf colleges and golf academy programs, the (KUGC) staff boast the understanding of what is necessary to succeed (Most are PGA Staff members), and they are ready to share this information with you. A few compelling reasons KUGC may want to be your choice for pursuing a golf career:  With an Associate’s degree from the KUGC, upon graduation you’ll have earned 6 credits toward those required for PGA membership, on your way toward a professional golf career.  KUGC offers monthly starts, so you have 12 opportunities to start each year. There is really no need to wait for a new semester; KUGC give you the option to take general education courses online or on-ground, not offered by most other Golf Colleges;  Two rounds per week are always available with the potential for additional golf during certain times of year! Practice facilities are open to you 7 days a week, that’s the PGA Practices Facility located across the street; Additional KUGC has developed a focused approach to learning by offering one core course per month.

These are a few of the reasons to select wisely in your choices; plan accordingly to your desires. Many choices abound you as a high school graduate, returning student or retiree, good luck.

National University Golf Academy

The National University Golf Academy utilizes the latest technology in the industry to Combine Technology and Instruction to Achieve Peak Performance by providing onsite and online learning to students across the globe. Students can upload swing from golf courses across the world; in Japan, Korea Germany or anywhere across the U.S. or globe and receive instruction from instructors in our online swing laboratory.

The National University’s golf school provides a golf education and golf instruction at multiple levels including; high school and associate’s and bachelor’s degree levels. The University also offers certificate programs for non-degree seekers; summer, winter and weekend programs; and corporate and community clinics.

While each academic program includes an online component that allows students from around the globe to pursue their certificate or degree, students have the option of traveling to San Diego or San Frisco, CA  for the on-course and instructional components of their programs.

As a student at the National University Golf Academy, you will develop your skills while earning accredited coursework and degrees in Professional Golf Management programs and Sport Psychology. You will work with other students in on-course and online seminars as you improve your game and develop your national and international networks of golf professionals:


  • Golf Education Programs at the National University Golf Academy include:
  • Certificate Programs
  • Certificate in Professional Golf Management
  • Certificate in Advanced Professional Golf Management
  • Associate of Arts with a Concentration in Professional Golf Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sport Psychology
  • Concentration in Applied Sport Psychology
  • Concentration in Professional Golf Management


Non-Degree Programs

For students who do not seek a degree yet want to earn professional credentials in the golf industry; they offer two (2) certificate programs. The Professional Golf Management Certificate provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills required for entry-level positions in the golf industry; the Advanced Professional Golf Management Certificate prepares students for management opportunities in golf operations and marketing.

No longer just a popular pastime, golf is a growing business. Whether your goal is to share your passion for golf with others or to put yourself in the golf lifestyle, employment and advancement within the golf industry increasingly requires education and experience.

With more than 32,000 golf courses in 119 countries around the world, the golf industry is estimated to generate $76 billion annually. North America alone is home to more than 19,000 golf courses and 25 million golfers.


National University offers many financial aid options and scholarships to students who qualify.

A Day in the life of a College Golfer

In the Life of a College Golfer

Almost weekly we are asked; what is the typical day in the life of a college golfer?  With a few generalizations here is a typical week for a team-member.

Monday and Wednesday the day begins early with workouts (physical endurance and weight training) Yes “Weight Training” this is a very important part in today’s golf game, just look at some of our current major money leaders in the game. The day of the country club leisure wealthy golfer of the past generation is over. The trend now leans (no pun intended) towards the lean wiry and sometimes stout golfers of the early years, e.g.; Hogan, Snead, Armor, Baker, etc.    Team members will work-out under the watchful eye of an athletic trainer from 6:45-7:45 in the mornings. They work mostly core and lower body training and endurance.
After workouts the team members head off to class. Team members are encouraged to take their classes from 8:30-12:20 so that we can begin practice or qualifying at 1:30. The NCAA rules require student athletes to take have a minimum class load of 12 credit hours a quarter. After classes it is lunch time the guys grab a quick bite to eat and head to the course, note this routine is similar to that of the private golf colleges and universities. The Student Golfer’s practice and qualifying schedule is very fluid. There are weeks where Team-members practice more than they play and there are weeks where they may play more than they practice, regardless the Team members are golfing from 1:30-5:30.  NCAA rules allow the College or University hold 20 hours of organized practice a week. Typically the Team-members are back at their dorms or apartments around 6:00-6:45 in the evening. With the addition of the some private indoor Golf Center you can often find team-members spending their evenings in those facilities, mostly on campuses or near-by.  Most of the team-members spend a lot more time on their own practicing and working on their golf games than they are required to. In this game practices is the key to success, you need to have every shot in your bag even if you never have to use it and your tools of the trade are your clubs, as a rule of thumb you should practice most shots until you can hit them successfully 6 to 7 out 10 times, unit then it may not be a shot you attempt on the course.

Playing college golf is a lot of fun, but it requires hard work, high commitment levels and major dedication.